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Divination; Distill
by   Various Artists
Paul Schutze :
Green Evil
Sample  (84K mpeg)
Subharmonic Invocation of the Dark Spirits
Sample  (89K mpeg)
Haruomi Hosono :
Ether Vibes
Anton Fier :
Blue Filter
Sample  (90K mpeg)
Black Dangers
Sample  (80K mpeg)
Divination; Distill
The Divination compilations keep getting mellower and mellower as time goes on, which moves them right into my segment of view. Akasha had a split personality, but this one keeps the faith right on through. There's not much I can say about this compilation than I haven't already said about the individual artists: Mr. Schulze's been around forever, done everything, and has a track on Twilight Earth; mr. Namlook's track is dark and creepy, but soothingly so; mr. Harris is Lull on Swarm of Drones; mr. Koner's track actually has beat, a rarity for such a dronemaster; mr. Fier is usually more uppity, as can be seen on Valis and Crooklyn Dub; mr. Inoue's track is on an album being sold separately, and, of course; mr. Laswell has his say. Remember to point and click before you shop!
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