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Divination; Akasha
by   Various Artists
Sample  (94K mpeg)
Haruomi Hosono :
Rain Dream
Sample  (121K mpeg)
Anton Fier :
Sample  (131K mpeg)
Tangier Space Draft
Sample  (96K mpeg)
Haruomi Hosono :
Illuminoid Assassin
Divination; Akasha
I've seen the first Divination album a few times, but I've seen only one copy of this particular one; I know the third is findable. Heard the first side and didn't even bother to check out the other one. The first disc is aptly titled Ambient and massivly dreamy. I knew mr. Laswell could do it, but having only heard Corporal Blossom, mr. Fier surprised me. EEG said he'd been told he wouldn't like the second disc (titled Rhythm) so I tested it out. Behold; more shocks! Jungle tracks that I actually like! Very nice album all around, and should be domestically accessible... if there really is another copy around.
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