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Twilight Earth
by   Various Artists
Insect-talk (Dry)
The Embrace In Motion
Sample  (88K mpeg)
Before the Sacrifice
Jorge Reyes :
Espejo Humeante
Hybryds :
Orca (Remix)
Sample  (88K mpeg)
Temps Perdu? :
Rano Raraku
Dino Oon and Konrad Kraft :
The Garden of Friction II
Voice of Eye :
Vas Tremens
Ancestral Horizon
The Flight of Real Image
Paul Schutze :
All that was Solid...
Human Flesh :
Paysage Marin avec Oiseaux
Tuu :
One Thousand Years (Vasel Schevehenko version)
Sample  (108K mpeg)
Twilight Earth
This album comes in a rather slim paper casing and it's relatively easy to lose within your record collection. I'll use that as an excuse for how long it took me to put this one up here... it really deserves some serious attention. The tracks are all very, very deep and earthy, and the title of the compilation is very appropriate. I'm particularly fond of Orca (Remix) because of it's amazing drone/water combination. Definitely a good choice for fans of mr. Roach and the Swarm of Drones compilation. Mr. Schulze has a more recent track on the Distill compilation, which is another good crossover. I think the term musty best describes this album, and I definitely mean that in a good way. There's been a follow-up compliation too, but unfortunately I can't account for its mustiness.
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