Out of primordial consciousness the positive and the negative manifest the world. The earth is a mother but she is not the Goddess. The moon reflects the light of the sun, but the Goddess is no mere mirror. Infinitely deep, she is indifferent to the precocious gods who play on the surface with minute shadows.
The Goddess can in no way be abstracted into a principle of the universe.
Traditionally, the moon is the highest feminine symbol; however, all tradition and authority is subject to potential dissolution. Most authorities disagree on certain obscure major points. We can therefore conclude that the present wishy-washy state represents the only real truth-that the universe is in a state of flux. Those who are looking for certainty should, in most cases, not read books, but search their own soul.
Thus the Goddess is also the mass and form into which you are constantly stumbling, but the meaning of the Virgin Sun Queen must ever elude us.
The ego sits in a morning sunlit room facing the forested mountains and meadows of the southeast. Before him lie his mirrored tools. On the left wall an intricate calendar shows the position of all astrological forces at any given moment. On the right wall stands a huge mirror inscribed with the words: "What is happening now."
The Queen stands in front of him and her question burns him.
"Now that you are Lord of the Realm, what will you do?"
"In the South there will be charts and graphs but for the present we are building stone huts within the etheric castle. We shall uncover the plot, identify with the gods, increase the energy level, enter the kingdom, weave a pattern of gold, form matter, make love, and hope that the process leads to knowledge."
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