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    This is the POINTER ARCHIVE of all the places I like to run off to when I have entirely too much time on my hands.

The concept behind this page is so simple, you probably don't need an explanation. However, I have generously provided one for those of you who may have had a little too much cyberjuice.
I'm Involved Somehow...
*   Sleepbot Constructs, from whence you probably came...
*   ... and, of course, Hyperreal, who hosts my site!
*   Peruse my music database which provides Ambience for the Masses.
*   If you need an outlet for wanton agression, you could do much worse than contemplate the Senseless Existence of Critturs.
*   Problems? No problem! Just ask the The Morgan's Tarot, and everything will be peachy keen.
*   Terrible things (besides Goddess) are afoot in Seattle! Yes! Tune in and decode the future with F.U.C.C Radio.
*   ...there's my friend Leah.
*   ...there's my friend Colleen.
*   ...there's my friend Doug, who moved on to greener pastures.
*   ...and there's my old company Multicom Publishing, for whom I did most of their HTML implementation.
*   Throw a tomato at My House using the Xerox PARC Map Viewer. Tomato not included.
*   If you're ever passing through, might wanna consult the U/Seattle's Entertainment Resources, or just perhaps bring a good book.
*   Learn 176 words for "overcast" when you check the Weather for Seattle, WA.
Thick with Ambience...
*   EPSILON: The Ambient Music Information Archive, run by the folks that host my site (sorry... just greasin' palms, baby...)
*   It's... Sleepy Time with Silent Records !!
*   Haven't had enough Ambience with an Attitude? Try out The Digital Dream.
*   Don't forget FAX Thing 1, FAX Thing 2. Not knowing to not forget is no excuse.
*   EnoWeb; the story of a man who sees the face of God in his mirror every morning.
*   More than you ever wanted to know about Die Kraftwerk-INFOBAHR.
*   Self-explanitory: Welcome to Mixmaster Morris' - A Site for Sore Ears
*   Terre Thaemlitz's self-titled experiment.
*   I don't know what SOFA really is, but it sounds fun, and they've got my tapes (god-dammit).
Pockets of Virtual Eccentricity...
*   The Principia Discordia, where you will learn nothing.
*   Get a glimpse of some creepy-ass shit through the Kooks Museum Lobby.
*   To Be In Adjust for Clock on VCR Unit (any other description would be insufficient).
*   There is no poetry that moves me as much as the work of Survival Research Laboratories.
*   Sounds good, so I'm a-linkin' to it: ParaTheatrical ReSearch
*   I feel so much secure in my own weird interests when I find sites like the Sea-Monkey® Worship Page.
*   The ever widening breadth of knowledge in The Unofficial WWW Jack Chick Archive!
*   Nothings' on the Internet's so transitional as The Temporary Autonomous Zone, by Hakim Bey.
*   There's no bad press about LSD that Doc Ellis's No Hitter can't beat.
*   Where's all our yellow paint disappearing to? Why, there's a trail of it leading right into the The Definitive Frink page. Yes, ah, m-hmm nyay..
*   Honestly, Steve Martin's Grandmother's Song had a queerly deep effect on me; I was changed for life.
*   Have you visited the Timothy Leary's Home Page? Would you remember if you had?
Depths of Space...
*   The Views Of The Solar System are more that just a learning experience. They're a real hoot!
*   SCHWA brought us the smiley-face of the 90's. They cry out, "You have found us."
*   Keep up with the Most Amazing Futuristic Superdrama of the Century via The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. It's our last, best hope... for peace.
*   I"ve only gotten as far as "Welcome To The Offworld Metaplex!", but it looks cool.
Places and Things...
*   Gobs and gobs of detail about the MPEG audio standard.
*   The Official CTHUGHA Home Page is the source of the coolest DOS-based toy in the cosmos. Get it now.
*   Someday, oh someday, I hope, yea, dream, of being referenced on the list of Useless WWW Pages. Sigh. When you wish upon a star...
*   You've gotta see them Knotted Sea Things.
*   Re-kindle your love of Science in NYE LABS.
*   Tired of daytime Court Television? Who isn't! So, while a commercial's on, check out the case of SJ Games vs. the Secret Service. Whoops! Back to Live Coverage! I'll be right back...
*   I, the great and powerful S.P.U.N.K.Y., perceive that there are indeed many Computers:Internet:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net. I shall have them do my bidding, for I am S.P.U.N.K.Y. !!
*   Hey, what's that stray sentence doing there?
*   Things just never pass you by when the FogCam! at San Francisco State University is your window on the world.
*   Now, with the Subway navigator, you too can commute the German Way!
*   Sick of folding your paper into plain old squares? Check out Joseph Wu's Origami Page which may be enough to sate you.
*   Gosh, nothin' better than spending your hard-earned American Dollars on SANRIO's amazingly cute Japanese Chintz!
*   Above all, I recommend consulting Yahoo - Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun:Bizarre before taking any medication.
HTML by Hand...
*   There's HyperText Markup Language Specification Version 3.0
*   and an HTML TUTORIAL
*   and Creating Net Sites
*   and How To Create High-Impact Documents
*   and Netscape Tricks
*   and GIF Animation on the WWW
*   and Dynamic Document Demonstration
*   and Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
*   and Image Maps
*   and The Perl Language Home Page
*   and Java(tm) - Programming for the Internet
*   and Graphics Interchange Format GIF89a
*   and The Web Robots FAQ
*   and InterNIC Registration Services
*   and Directory of /inet/rfc
*   but if you really wanna shine them on, take some advice from the Lynx Enhanced Pages.
*   David Siegel's Home Page is a virtual cesspool of useful trips & techniques. Did i mention that cesspools are good?
*   Finally, no explanation; just visit -The Virtual Bum - Give to the Virtually Homeless.


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