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San Francisco, CA 94122-2200

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* This site you're reading is intended for my personal expression, and is not necessarily representative of my technical work   :)  
I feel it is one's inalienable right to be as Web 1.0 -ish in one's personal life as one wishes. No blogs or RSS feeds here, and only barest conformance to XHTML 1.1.  
And, actually, I ultimately had to re-write the flow container around this specific paragraph because it caused a float-size calculation failure in IE 5.x / Win whereby it positioned the paragraph absolutely and out of the overall flow. Back to <TABLE /> layout, which is just fine for me.
Then again maybe you'll like
my ancient website
In addition to this site which i maintain (on occasion), I have also set up the following social network pages for myself. They can provide you with additional insight into my perspectives and capabilities:
Facebook   ( my living yearbook )
Twitter   ( my senseless 140-character ramblings )
Google   ( a suitable aggregate of networks )
FriendFeed   ( my aggregate )
WordPress   ( my choice of hosts for blogging )
MySpace   ( my way to jump off a bridge because everyone else has )
LinkedIn   ( my professional side )
The picture you see in the header of this page was taken during Thanksgiving 2004. The relaxed demeanor is the direct result of a red-eye flight into Boston from the previous evening.  
The background swatches behind me are the repeating bubble-wrap patterns that I built back in 1996. Yes, that's a long time ago, and it would seem that my design sense has not dramatically increased in the interim. This page was my first experiment in a UI overhaul in 2005, and I still can't let those bubble-wrap patterns go.  
You may note that I have actually lined up the bubbles across the different colored patterns. I take great care in these things. But ultimately, no, it's still 1996-style hand-scanned repeating-backgroundy images. I guess you could say I've still got Web 0.5 in my soul.
Now, gentle reader, I dispense of the proverbial fine print, written years and years ago in response to criticism of some sort of another:  
Now, having read this far, I wanted to say in so many words that anything found in Sleepbot Constructs is 100% subjective opinion and should not be taken as anything else. Yeah, there's stuff stated in a fact-ly-ness nature in here, but since I do my best to present everything from the 1st Person perspective (which explains the predominance of the word 'I' in my writing), it has all gone through a level of subjective filtering first. Free expression of opinion on the web? Shocking!
With the advent of blogging and collaborative rating sites, I can't see why I should be so concerned about saying what I please.   >sigh<   Though I am, of course, and I'm sensitive to peoples opinions. Okay, the soapbox is gone now.  
. . . time for photos!
Here are some other photos of myself, and some of my fondest friends.  
  • These are stylistic black & white photos taken in the late 1990's by a friend who knew what she was doing with a camera. Unfortunately, they've really suffered in the process of size reduction. In short, I don't really look like this in person (certainly not now, 10+ years down the line with the shorter hair and all).
    • Light across my face.
    • Reclining my torso, making pointless gestures.
    • Looking down the length of me at my jeans.
    The facial hair's a thing of the past, I'm afraid. It increased my appearance of suspiciousness by about 500%, as is confirmed by an IATAN photo ID of mine (see below). Not to mention the excess of Jesus references. Ultimately I've found that it's not facial hair in general, it's specifically Van Dyck shaving formation. I apparently look somewhat hot and distingished in a full beard. Trimmed, not crazy bushy.
Alright. I think you've suffered enough.  
Thank you once again for your visit, gentle reader.
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