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Drum & Space; Calcutta Cyber Cafe
by   Talvin Singh
Nonstop Flight to Calcutta
Part 1  (116K mpeg)
Part 2  (95K mpeg)
Life Support Systems
Sample  (97K mpeg)
Drum & Space; Calcutta Cyber Cafe
Once again, it's my perrogative to drop some Drum & Bass out here on the Ambient site just to show a little backbone. I've been picking up a lot of the more potent stuff, but this album took me very much by surprise. It's very reminiscent of Chill Out or At the Edge, but with a distinctive Asian/Indian twist. Primarily drum and bass and sitar and tabla, all intertwined with swathes of rainstick and thunder and meteorological coolness. The first track is 45 minutes, starting out agressive and gradually petering out through 6 or 7 stages to a more playful and lazy stage towards the end. Provided are several of the effects and not much of the music, but they really give the album definition. The last track is rather slow but rhythmic tale. I've seen copies of this import disappear as soon as they arrive, so if you see one and like it, grab it.
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