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At the Edge
by   Mickey Hart
featuring:   Jerry Garcia
#4 for Gaia
Sky Water
Sample  (88K mpeg)
Slow Sailing
Lonesome Hero
Sample  (109K mpeg)
Fast Sailing
Cougar Run
The Eliminators
Pigs in Space
Sample  (107K mpeg)
At the Edge
Now, there are Earthy albums, and then there are Earthy albums. I have to say that when I listen to this album, I become one with the planet. Gaia and I merge, and we become a single living organism. Now I'm not making this up; the drumming on this album truly pulls you away from it all. Mr. Hart just knows his stuff. Mr. Garcia's on it too (briefly). Very excellent material for a lazy picnic or a moonlit summer night. Ryko is domestic, so run down to the store today!
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