• - Senior Software Engineer DeNA West (formerly ngmoco); San Francisco, CA
    Joined the Supernova team, whose mission was to provide a 'Rails-like' framework for Game Server development using Node.js. We used MongoDB for persistence and Redis for volatile states and sessions. Repeatable Game Mechanics were built as independent NPM modules with extensible Traits and hooks. Development followed an Agile methodology with Git Flow, PR reviews, code style enforcement and Test Suite coverage thresholds.
    • Node.js 0.10, Express 3.x, Bluebird, Lodash
    • Mocha, Sinon, JSDoc, JSHint, JSCS, Istanbul
    • MongoDB 2.x, Redis 2.x, PubNub, Memcached
    • NewRelic, Sumologic, Jenkins
    • git, JIRA
  • - Principal Software Engineer Servio (formerly CloudCrowd); San Francisco, CA
    Hired as a full-stack developer. Corporate vertical was crowdsourcing. Customer needs varied considerably; click-tasks and taxonomy management up through content authoring. Server technologies were Ruby-based, a blend of Rails and Sinatra, with daemonized services and a RabbitMQ message bus. Primary client frameworks were jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Development team followed Agile methodology principles.
    • Rails 3.x, Sinatra, Rack, Node.js
    • Unicorn, EventMachine, nginx
    • Twitter Bootstrap, SASS
    • jQuery 1.8, Underscore, RequireJS, Mustache, Raphael
    • Facebook JS SDK
    • MySQL 5.x, DataMapper, MongoDB
    • AMQP, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch
    • Cucumber, RSpec, Mocha
    • Capistrano, Rackspace, Nagios, NewRelic, Jenkins
    • git, JIRA, Confluence
  • - Senior Software Engineer Aftershock Innovations; San Francisco, CA
    First technical hire, focused on Social Gaming for the iPhone and Facebook platforms. Company tenet was for rapid product & feature launches, with refinements backed by A/B testing and stringent usage metrics. Core server technologies were Rails 3, MySQL, Redis, and Memcached. iOS clients were hybrid UIWebView wrappers with custom callback hooks and embedded JavaScript libs.
    • Rails 2.x, Prototype, RJS
    • thin, EventMachine, Unicorn
    • MySQL 5, Redis, Memcached
    • Flex 3, Flash / ActionScript 3
    • Objective-C, iOS SDK 3
    • Facebook JS SDK, XFBML
    • Google Closure, Watir
  • - Senior Software Engineer MobiTV; Emeryville, CA
    First hire into a new dedicated team responsible for Vending and Payment Systems. I designed and architected a dynamic code delivery platform for media Apps vended onto feature phones. I served as Team Lead for the developers tasked with implementing the platform. The platform was a Spring + Hibernate + JAX/RS stack with stateless RESTful APIs.
    • Spring 2, Quartz, ehCache, JMX
    • Hibernate 3, JPA
    • JAX/RS, JAXB 2, RSS
    • Spring MVC, JSP 2
    • Java 5
    • MySQL 5, Oracle 9i
    • Ruby, RestClient, Hpricot
    • Groovy, Guice
  • - Senior Software Engineer SnapJot, Inc; San Francisco, CA
  • - Lead Software Engineer Reflect.com LLC; San Francisco, CA
  • - Senior Software Engineer Concur Technologies; Redmond, WA
  • Additional Employment History is available upon request
  • 1995 - Present Architect & Designer Sleepbot.com; Personal Website
    My personal website, hosting 20+ years of web development efforts. The site can be viewed at http://sleepbot.com/ -- in all candidness, much of the unmaintained content is circa 1995.
    • Vagrant, VirtualBox, Chef
    • Node.js, Promises, Express, EJS, Grunt
    • Rails, Bundler, Pry
    • Spring, Hibernate, JSP, DWR
    • nginx
    • Shoutcast
    • Capistrano, amazon-ec2, aws-s3