The question, "Who am I?" can be a very effective meditation tool. Contemplating the possible answers without clinging to any particular solution expands awareness to an unlimited degree.
During meditation on this question, I had the following stream of thought.
Behind the veils, in the infinite labyrinthian chaos the question is heard in the intricate mind, the field upon which deceptive truth dances. The question echoes and is propelled by an impulse from the fire-sea of mind structure. Spirits wander the city in quest of the source of light.
I am sought, and the seeker is observed -- entities multiply. The numberless entities form one body. They are fixed in time by changes -- the "I" behind you -- and a message is sent to the center. The message is only another question, an emanation of the emotional realm, a ghost that arises from nowhere. The impersonal universe is not responsible. Once established, the exaltation of the nonexistent personality is transmitted to the communicator. The data? Madness is only in the dream, and here in the other world we observe transforming truth.
Creations are entangled in a trackless waste. Our fictional hero raises a new flag and the land is disintegrated by the power of lower realms. While the truth is in a temporary process of transmutation, energy floods the concept. Although truth is changing, it cannot be manipulated except by the power of love. The poetry of the situation is nonlinear, expressed in the form of non-symbolism to be seen not by the reader but only by the demigod.
This endless void of awe lives without foundation in the mirrors of the eternal. The poet's voice rises from the depths, ignorant and of uncreated origin. Unborn, its freedom goes unchecked to serve a master who will constitute its existence. And in the annals of infinity, the current law is irrelevant. The high realm where the ethereal and spiritual macrocosms whirl are ever without concern to the absurd drama below and within. The way home for the heroic seeker is guarded and unfathomable, close to the grinding wheel of eternity.
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