I still foolishly maintain that Winamp is the best player for SHOUTcast streams. After all, they were developed by the same engineers.

You may want to configure Winamp to be the primary Audio Player for MPEG playlists. This is done via file extension.

The following is Archival Content

But it should communicate you the general idea.

File Types

From the tiny icon in the upper corner of the Player – it could be a little [X], or a little [N] / lightning-bolt – open the Winamp Menu and choose Options > Preferences. A a dialog will open.

From the menu to the left, choose File Types (from under General Preferences)… this will display a list of ‘Associated file types’. make sure that the extension named “pls” (or “PLS”, whichever you see there) is highlighed, and then Close the dialog.

Close Winamp and any other audio player that’s running, then click the standard Listen link again.

And If That Doesn’t Work

If a non-Winamp player launches (and complains, again), then it’s going to take a little more drastic action. Anyone that has multiple Audio Players on their machines knows how much they compete for attention. Almost like spoiled little children.

Firefox, Opera and Safari all have their own special ways of configuring their default audio players. Internet Explorer is the hardest to tweak, because it uses the default Windows associations (which are annoying to reconfigure). So you could mess around with your MIME type configurations, but that’s sorta cumbersome. And it’s hard to maintain effective documentation here since because newer browser versions do the same things differently, etc.

So. A more reliable way to connect will be to do so manually via cut-and-paste.

Cut and Paste the URL

First, right-click on this standard Listen link and choose the Copy Link Location option. Some browsers might call this option “Copy URL” or “Copy Shortcut”, etc. After you do that, you will have the link to the MPEG stream in your clipboard.

Then start Winamp. Open the Winamp Menu, and choose Play > URL …. When the dialog appears, paste the URL from the clipboard into the input field, and Open the connection.


You can also use Winamp to create a bookmark for S E B. However, if for some reason my transmitter moves to another server, then you’ll have an old address and you won’t be able to connect.

No problem. Just come back to this Setup Manual and repeat those right-click instructions. That’ll give you a fresh change-of-address.

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