The iRadio App being discussed here is circa 2008.

It is completely unrelated to anything in the current wasteland of search results for the terms “iRadio” + “iOS”.

The following is Archival Content

When I first endorsed this App, I’d been having success running iRadio on my Jailbreak’d 1.x iTouch. I even blogged about the setup since i was so darn happy to get it all working.

There were volume issues, and it tended to drop the connection after a while. After several drops, it wouldn’t be able to re-establish the connection, sometimes even after a force-quit & re-start. This appeared to be a general issue with all other streams in the SHOUTcast yp, so I doubt that it was specific to S E B.

In retrospect, I realize that I was being a bit cranky about the whole thing. It was truly a magical time. Streaming music on a hand-held device ?? SORCERY !!

The App later got renamed to Tuner, about which I had additional opinions.

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