Could you open up a few more connections for us?

These days, S E B offers plenty of connections.


My primary bandwidth is hosted by The primary server is there and is on the ‘unlimited’ plan. The price is good, and their servers have shown few-to-zero issues in keeping y’all in constant sleepy-time mode.

But, back in the day, when I would frequently have 100+ listeners during the North American overnight …

The following is Archival Content

… it depended upon the whims of the Service Provider Gods.

For instance, around the Turn of the Century, my primary server needed to stay under 66% of a single T1’s worth of bandwidth consumption. And that really doesn’t take all that much when you add everything up.

After those lean years, and for most of the station’s first decade, S E B was hosted by New Era Streaming. Colt’s was very responsive to any issues I’ve had, and the servers were always stable. Many thanks to him for years of excellent service.


To be clear – S E B does not accept monetary donations.

However, if you are inspired by my broadcast and you have some bandwidth to offer, please drop me a line. I am always willing to curry such generous offers.

Over the many years of this station’s existence, many gentle folk have opened up their network firewalls to me and the lovely S E B tunage. To all of you – I respect your privacy, and you have my undying gratitude for everything you’ve done to support these efforts.

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