Is there more stuff on the way?

Yes, there is always new Ambient music in the hopper.

I’d say, on average, I’ve added about 18 hours a year for the past decade. The speed of ingress was a lot more fervent back in the early years, when S E B was all fresh and sparkling-new.

Hit & Miss

My experiments are not always successful.

The following is Archival Content

For example, I spent a whole boatload of time on my Christmas 2002 broadcast, and most people didn’t like it. Never can say that I don’t try. But then again, that was then, and things do change. I’ve since more than tripled the size of my Winter seasonal Broadcast Disc, and I have gotten some compliments now that it has become a yearly tradition.

And then there are the Aleister Crowley quotes, which have been with S E B since Disc 1. They’re gonna get played, and you’re either gonna like ‘em or you aren’t. Love under Will, my friends.

I have no idea how people feel about (what I refer to as) my “Beats & Conets” collection. I rarely play it – because it’s somewhat orthogonal to the station’s Ambient nature – but when I do, it’s during “the Daytime”.

Which reminds me – Shouts out to the lads at Seance Radio, a Techno & Electronica station whose overnights get downright gaseous. You’ve been a source of many great crossover tracks.

Grand Designs

I have a huge assortment of long-term projects and / or never-ending projects relating to the radio stream. Given the free time, I continue to make forward progress on:

This website was most recently overhauled in 2021 * Archival , so at least that’s checked off the list for a little while.

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