What is your take on the 2002-Jun-20 RIAA ruling?

Well, it freaked me out. And not in that cool Beyond-the-Valley-of-the-Dolls freak-out sort of way.

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I’m really not sure how to take it.

Seeing that S E B is a free service (and will continue to be so), the ruling could mean serious financial problems for me. Then again, it’s been several years since it was instituted, and the world hasn’t ended yet. Perhaps the powers that be are indeed exercising the due prudence and discretion that we had always hoped, deep in our hearts, that they would.

The reaction of some of my contemporaries, such as;

was to immediately shut down their streams. Fortunately, with the Wisdom of Time, most of them have returned to their old broadcasting ways. This is a good thing.

S E B, for its part, will keep the faith for as long as it can.

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