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by   Tangerine Dream
Birth of Liquid Plejates
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Nebulous Dawn
Origin of Supernatural Probabilities
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The first of two 30-year-old masterpieces that were recently remastered. Here the boys are sowing the land for many many years of voyaging electronica. From these first seeds are born the field recordings of strange alien worlds and the enormous purple creatures that inhabit them. Hear their haunting mating calls, and their slow and mysterious territorial rituals. Don't get too close -- they can smell your fear, and will hypnotize you, take you to their lair, and slowly digest you over the course of a hundred years. Now, see, that's why I like these sort of recordings; I don't actually have to visit these freaky places to enjoy them. They've pressed and re-pressed this disc over the decade, so there's lots of them to go around.
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