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You are the Moonshine
by   Kawabata Makoto
Morning on the Moon
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Afternoon on the Moon
Evening on the Moon
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You are the Moonshine
Remember mr. Harrison's song about his guitar gently weeping? Well, this album is a 70-minute frickin' crying jag with no end in sight. Drone rock, with an emphasis on the mids and highs that can be coaxed out of vibrating metal strings. It's drenched in that aching, mournful sound that I so greatly cherish. The liner notes for the disc itself are printed on loose pieces of vellum, and in very small print. The word that they raise (that I hadn't myself) is "luminosity"... well put. Sad, however, is the fact that the back of the package has "102/150" scrawled on it... and you know what that means.
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