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We Walk the Young Earth
by   The Blithe Sons
The Book of Names
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Green Patterns
All Children's Faces Looking Upwards
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The Oldest Living Things
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We Walk the Young Earth
We Walk the Young Earth
As we have all learned from mr. Kaufmann, there is a powerful erotic sedative which can be drived from the petals of a Ghost Orchid. It imparts a sensual drowsiness beyond compare. Now, hypothetically speaking, if the members of Phish were to partake of this rare substance and then record a jam -- yeah, like that'd happen -- this is what it might sounds like. A number of the artists on Jewelled Antler can pull off this particular playing style, and certainly the Sons do here. Guitars chords slowly roll back and forth, wandering forward with a casualness, almost a lumbering drunkedness. Objects are fumbled, dropped, and then dragged across the concrete floor or rolled from one bandmember to another. Someone stands up to leave, or switch off a light, all the while still mindlessly caressing his strings. It's the perfect music for chill rooms on Beltane. The label is a very small one, so I don't know if they've made enough for everyone.
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