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Weather Report
by   Chris Watson
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The Lapaich
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Weather Report
Mr. Watson does get around. He takes source recordings from three locations and blends them together into a travelogue of each. The sounds from Kenya are the sounds of the forest and the plain, dung flies and locust calls, hot monsoon rains over horny frogs. Scotland is cold and damp, windy, alive with intensity and drama. And then there's the glaciers of Iceland in all of their majestic glory. Listen to the first two minutes of Track 3 on a soundsystem with even a decent subwoofer and you'll feel like you've just had a five ton slab layed on top of you. Just remember to turn down the sound before the penguins show up. Brief tours, all of them, but so full of life and vigor. I hope that Touch made a lot of copies of this one; check their site for more info.
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