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The World is Covered in Windows
by   B So glObal
The World is Covered in Windows
Whoopmoi and Finty
Sample  (92K mpeg)
Harmoniums of Clavine
One Nine Six Seven (Fraction)
Sample  (146K mpeg)
There's Nothing But Moles in the Deep Blue Sea
Sample  (120K mpeg)
Mo Mo 2
The World is Covered in Windows
Good second album for these guys. Nice swaying tempos and a lithe coating of electronic adjustments spread on top of piano, oboe and other recognizable instruments. I was reminded of Ira Stein & Russell Walder who've done a lot of work on Windham Hill. Might seem a little soft for some, but in general it all comes off as a nice and familiar piece of work. Didn't find it too hard at all to just hit the repeat button on the player. Unfortunately, the label is rather obscure, so I wouldn't venture to guess how to track down other copies.
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