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Sounds of the Earth - Woodfire
by   Sounds of the Earth
Part 1
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Part 2
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Sounds of the Earth - Woodfire
What can I say, seriously. It's two 35+ minute recordings of a fireplace. The tracks are largely the same, sure. But I really really wanted a recording of a fireplace. There's such a detail in that sound, so many little pops and crackles rippling in your stereo field. Now... I've heard recordings of fireplace on vinyl before, and there's an interesting trade-off. This CD recording is sharp and clean, with good character and depth. Yet the old analog stuff, with the dull hiss of tape and the incremental pops and crackles of an album face, seems much warmer. There's not really much 'heat' in this recording, but I think that's just a weakness of the digital medium. But you can actually hear the soft whine of the wood in this recording, a level of fidelity that vinyl could never match. It's a real nice simple disc, and one it's worth tracking down.
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