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by   Roger Eno
Through the Pale
A Paler Sky
Evening Tango
Sample  (100K mpeg)
Recalling Winter
The Old Dance
Sample  (80K mpeg)
Reflections on I.K.B.
A Place in the Wilderness
Sample  (147K mpeg)
The Day After
At the Water's Edge
Grey Promenade
I met a man (whose name I don't remember) while looking for new music at Amoeba. We had a lot of similar tastes, he and I, and before we parted he told me that there was one more album from the foundational Eno / Budd period that I didn't know about. And right he was... this is indeed another classic from the great Opal catalogue of yesteryear. Mr. Eno (specifically, Roger) takes those two essential elements -- synthesizer and piano -- and creates himself a multitude of mystical landscapes. Cool soothing pacing, notes poised between now and forever, aching, and slowly disappearing into the twilight. Mellow, beautiful, grand and dignified. And perhaps a bit more intense than its sibling albums -- the chords are struck a little harder. No matter. Just listen to it when falling asleep, rather than when you're already there. It'll take your hand and walk with you down into your own personal Neverland. Most of the works from this catalogue are widely available, and I would doubt that this one is any exception.
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