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True Stories - New Music for Themes
by   Vidna Obmana and Jeff Pearce
Opening theme
Horizon of thought
One question
Frozen breath
True Stories
Viewing the distance
A scattering flock
Sample  (106K mpeg)
The open darkness
Sample  (91K mpeg)
Bright clouds
Sample  (108K mpeg)
Still unknown
Sample  (91K mpeg)
Closing theme
True Stories - New Music for Themes
This album is absolutely gorgeous. I just stare up at it in ecstatic wonderment. Mr. Pearce provides just an all-around delicious performance on his guitar, his fingers playing lightly along your throat and shoulders. And mr. Obmana fills every moment with rich whines, flowing cascades of sonic milk, and water water as far as the eye can see. At its pinnacles, it is simply erotic. There have been many occasions when I have fallen into fits of tears at the sound of Bright clouds. It, and all of the other tracks, have a sound that slowly opens up my chest cavity, releasing years and years of accumulated sadness. We all have our sadness, don't we. This album knows about them; it will bring you back to them, and hold you in its arms as you slowly make your peace with them. If you find a copy of this album, be sure to embrace it in return.
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