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Descendre Cinq Lacs au Travers D'une Voile
by   Alio Die and Yannick Dauby
Descendre Cinq Lacs au Travers D'une Voile
Part 1  (125K mpeg)
Part 2  (170K mpeg)
Descendre Cinq Lacs au Travers D'une Voile
There's a sea beyond the mountains. The sea is where you're going, and to get there, you must go through the mountains. And to get to the mountains, you must first pass through the ice caverns. And before that, there is the marsh. Though the journey will not be an easy one, it will be short, and you will not be harmed. And your time at the see will be a bouyant and joyous one, a font of wistful memories and sated desires. Do not let the journey dissuade you -- focus on the goal, the beauty of the sea. Oh, I remember all my times at the sea, and I never hesitate to go there whenever it is that I can. My only regret is that there are so few of the original maps left. Seek thee.
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