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Timberwolf in the Tall Pines
by   The Atmosphere Collection
The Timberwolf Environment
Sample  (169K mpeg)
Large Wolf Pack #1
Lone Wolf #1
Large Wolf Pack #2
Lone Wolf #2
Sample  (100K mpeg)
Large Wolf Pack #3
Lone Wolf #3
Timberwolf in the Tall Pines
The main track on this disc is 50+ minutes of just wind, forest insects, and the occasional howl of a wolf pack. People I play it for love it. I've left it playing sometimes when people haven't known, and when the wolves howl, they start looking around with a really weird expression. And hey, that's what Ambient music is all about! The last 6 tracks are stand-alone wolf howl samples. Did I mention that Rykodisc is one of those rare cool domestic companies?
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