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Infrasound - Tidal
by   John Duncan
Tidal : Seismic : Seismic : Barometric
Seismic  (108K mpeg)
Seismic  (114K mpeg)
Barometric  (88K mpeg)
Infrasound - Tidal
Succeptible as I am to environmental albums with curious themes, I just couldn't resist. The basis of this particular disc is statistical data of ocean tides and related phenomenon which were collected over the course of the past three centuries. Of course, mr. Heeman chose to model this data in a sonic fashion. The result is often simple waves and frequencies, resonances and oscillations -- no surprise there. Yet other times it's a spongy and crackling hiss. The most literal(?) of the tracks is the second one, which sounds like ice cakes bubbling in a thousand-gallon tank of water -- what a delightful series of numbers that must have been! Good stuff. *Sigh* Probably a very limited release, as usual, but then again y'all could get lucky.
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