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by   Davin Brainard and Windy
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Yes, it's a cat. I was listening to this very album via the broadcast as I left work today, and it planted such a huge grin on my face. Windy and Davin own a record store in Michigan, and they have a very sweet old cat named Urchin who purrs at the drop of a hat. So, like any adult children with toys would do, they attach a pair of microphones to sweet old Urchin and set him off on his merry purring way. I don't know exactly what he did, but let me guess. He purred for a while, then went and ate some food, purringly. Then he rolled around and moved the microphones around while he purred. Later, he licked himself for a few moments, purring, and then stopped licking and purred some more. At some point he was sitting (and purring) next to an ornamental fountain of some sort, or maybe a dehumidifier. Not sure... we'll have to wait until the video-compliant reissue. But in the meanwhile take my word for it; the listening experience is an absolute treasure. Stay tuned, because I have absolutely no idea where to suggest that you should look for a copy.
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