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Tennessee Nightwalk
by   Gordon Hempton
Volume Reference Tone
Spring Peepers
Sample  (76K mpeg)
American Toad
Sample  (128K mpeg)
Gum Swamp
The Clearing
Sample  (130K mpeg)
The Meandering River
Chorus at Moonrise
Tennessee Nightwalk
A wonderfully crisp and clear environmental recording that really hits the high notes. Honestly... you gotta keep the knob down at about 1.5 to get any sleep at all. I mean, i know that these frogs want sex, and i mean reeeally want sex, but not at 4:30 in the morning! Or, rather, don't be having freaky frog-sex inside of my stereo at stupid hours. So, i keep the knob down under 1.0, and there's barely any sex. A that volume, the disc just pulls you into swampy summertime. Was a mass US release, so it should be not too rough to find a copy around.
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