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Tibetan Bells III
by   Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings
Crossing the Line
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Ascension of the Subtle Body
The Empty Mirror
Tibetan Bells III
Ah, metal -- how many ways have we heard ye sing? Sometimes woven and tensioned between opposing stems, or tubed and valved for an impressario's breath. Or, in this case, rattled, or struck, or merely rubbed in a repetetive circular motion. An ancient bowl crafted in just such a way and then stroked with just the right amount of friction can produce an angelic wavering harmony. A massive bowed platter hung from a dark mahogany frame and struck with measured bluntness can vibrate and deeply cleanse the organs. Multitudes of large and small tines can be made to collide, invoking attentiveness with both deliberate and chaotic patterns. All of these things were well known to the Old Ones, and they spent many a day in rapt experimentation as they discovered the relationships between waves of sound and the subtle fields of the body. Then, the skills to do so, and to remember, are handed down from generation to generation. Finally, the fruits of this communion between man and metal, recorded for all of eternity and available to the teeming masses.
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