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by   Edgar Froese
Sample  (101K mpeg)
It Would be Like Samoa
Detroit Snackbar Dreamer
Sample  (175K mpeg)
Drunken Mozart in the Desert
Sample  (77K mpeg)
A Dali-esque Sleep Fuse
Scarlet Score for Mescalero
Edgar Froese has been with Tangerine Dream since the beginning, or near then. One way or another, it's been 20+ years for the guy, so he's been the driving influence. Along the way, he's done the occasional solo album, and this is one of my favorite (Aqua is the other). The music is very good, but I think I like the song names more than anything. "Drunken Mozart in the Desert". Heh. Some of the tracks sound a little better when they're slowed down. Both the CD and the used vinyl should be findable.
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