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Structures From Silence
by   Steve Roach
Reflections in Suspension
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Quiet Friend
Structures From Silence
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Structures From Silence
Sit down into the way-back machine of mr. Roach's career. Some of us weren't even out of high school when this thing was recorded. It's very very sweet, just that perfect balance between mood and prettiness. And there's something you can already see here in his ability to handle pattern and grace over extended periods of time. I spoke to a friend last night about how the feelings of expectation and satisfaction feed into the enjoyment of music. And I now see how his music here is crafted so effectively, with its builds and decays, erecting libidinous aural desires within the listener's unconscious. A wish to hear the gentle development again and again, long crescendos and aching passions. I gotta say, I think this man will go far :) . The artist, in his consummate grace, has re- and re-released many of his album, for the betterment of seekers such as yourselves.
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