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by   Tangerine Dream
Sample  (116K mpeg)
The Big Sleep in Search of Hades
Sample  (110K mpeg)
3am at the Border of the Marsh from Okefenokee
Invisible Limits
Sample  (85K mpeg)
Tangerine Dream has been doing music since the beginning of time (sorta like Kraftwerk). They've got countless albums, which means that it's easy to pick and choose and find something you really like. I can't say I like this one for any particular reason, just that it strikes me right. The Big Sleep in Search of Hades and 3am are guitar-influenced, and they have a really neat, but undescribable, character to them. The other two tracks are more synthetic which develop and fade very nicely. If you don't already have an album by these guys, here's a good place to start. It's domestic and easy to find.
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