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by   Robert Rich and B. Lustmord
Elemental Trigger
Sample  (93K mpeg)
Synergistic Perception
Hidden Refuge
Delusion Fields
Sample  (134K mpeg)
Omnipresesnt Boundary
Sample  (108K mpeg)
Undulating Terrain
A Point of No Return
Okay, guys. Like, there's a limit to how much seriousness can be put onto an album. Seriously. This is Ambience, kids. I mean, there's just no doubting that you, mr. Rich, are Lord King and Master of the deep crying vocal drone. And you, mr. Lustmord, skulking around, your crate brimming over with such delicious angst and trepidation. But please, stop ... and think of the children. Can you bear the guilt of bringing upon them such dreams? That brown hazy darkness, the half-buried copper plates, and those greying skeletons of mammoth beasts. And... the insects. So many shiny black insects. Ghastly. Have you men no shame? I know that people can still find the album pretty easily, but they can't say that they haven't been warned.
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