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Source Lab 2
by   Various Artists
Bang Bang :
Neither Sing-Sing nor Baden Baden
Zend Avesta :
Free Jah
Main Basse (Sur la Ville) :
Hunt One Connection
Daft Punk :
Musique (version longue)
Ollano :
ta Couleur
Sample  (85K mpeg)
Krell :
Planete Interdite
Dimitri from Paris :
Man + Woman = Infinity
Sample  (109K mpeg)
Doctor L :
Ghost Town
Le Tone :
Bomb De Bretagne (Bombe Breizh)
Alex Gopher :
Gordini Mix
Extra Lucid :
Technical Jed
Sample  (124K mpeg)
Air :
Casanova 70
Source Lab 2
Frankly, this album does not belong on a web site oriented towards Ambience; it's rather far from mellow. However, in the endless search for Great Stuff, one must make certain sacrifices, and I have sacrificed myself to the powers of Hip Hop and Drum & Bass. This compilation definitely fits the bill for Great Stuff, as does the first Source Lab compilation (not here yet). Source is a French label, and most of the artists here seem to come from France as well... not that it's important, but there seems to be a binding influence within their music. I've chosen some rather laid back tracks here, but overall they're split about 50/50. About 3 of them, including Technical Jed, get really intense, but ya gotta love 'em. A really nice choice if you can find it! Pardon the sampling quality here... lotsa bass and I think that Pooky's cheap sound card was having a very bad day.
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