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Sonic Waters (#2)
by   Michel Redolfi
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Sunny Afternoon at Bird Rock Beach
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Full Scale Ocean
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Sonic Waters (#2)
More returns to our Mother's great wombs of fluid. The pieces on this album were composed between 1983 and 1989, and each was intended to be performed and/or experienced under water. Now, I figure that a certain amount of the intended effect is lost on the average headphone-wearin' listener, but you definitely hear the reproduction with accuracy. There's something about the effects processing that he puts upon water samples that makes your hair stand on end... but in a nice way. It's mostly that, unevenly spaced within even tonal seas and quirky electronic bird/fish calls. Definitely nice and calming, excellent on a speaker system. I got this copy used from Fohm, so my knowledge of how to find it is only incidental.
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