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by   David Moufang
Mad Mood
Damaskus - Dakar
Sample  (109K mpeg)
Indian Mantra
5 P.M.
Sample  (118K mpeg)
Sergio Leone's Wet Dream
Sample  (129K mpeg)
Another coolsie album by mr. Moufang, also well known for his Intergalactic Federation stuff and Koolfang with mr. Namlook. The songs on this one are somewhat primitive in sound, but interesting in composition. A lot of them have a Dub-ish influence, sort of a mix between that and old Tangerine Dream. But with better sound technology, of course. Very nice for plane trips and long days at work, and it takes to the Repeat button very well. Another obscure FAX release, so it's probably long gone by now.
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