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field recording archive #3; Solid Vibration
by   Toshiya Tsunoda
Metal-plate Face. Tauraminato-cho; Yokosuka city, Kanagawa pref.
Sample  (98K mpeg)
Wire net fence inside a tunnel. Nakazato Tunnel, Uwamachi, Yokosuka.
Wharf, electric driver. Misaki-cho, Miura City, Kanagawa pref.
Wharf, two vessels. Misaki-cho, Miura City, Kanagawa pref.
Sample  (97K mpeg)
Asphalt road surface. Tauraminato-cho.
Metal door Bisyamon. Minamishitaura-cho, Miura
Gas cylinder. Misaki-cho, Miura.
Scrap. Tauraminato-cho.
Drum. Kamimiyata, Miura.
Sample  (100K mpeg)
field recording archive #3; Solid Vibration
An annal of encapsulated sound. Many of the tracks on this album are contact recordings made of various metal surfaces. These metal surfaces, in part, transmit the sounds of the fluids or solids to which they were adjacent, whether that be a road or a bay or some other medium. And this medium itself transmits the sounds of other objects which make contact with it. The liner notes call out such specifics as a bolt being screwed into the sidewall of a ship at dock, as carried through an anchor chain, seabed, and then through earth up to an asphalt surface. As a listening experience, it's as if your skull is embedded in these various contact surfaces. You no so much hear as feel the passing of vehicles, the lapping of water, and other low frequencies the source of which is entirely unidentifiable. It's a very ego-defying experience. Mr. Tsunoda is apparently becoming a field recordist of some repute, so one could hope that his albums will be widely available as well.
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