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The Sea and the Bells
by   Rachel's
Rhine & Courtesan
The Voyage Of Camille
Tea Merchants
Lloyd's Register
With More Air Than Words
All Is Calm
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Cypress Branches
The Sirens
Night At Sea
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Letters Home
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To Rest Near To You
The Blue-Skinned Waltz
His Eyes
The Sea and the Bells
It's chamber music from the belly of a cast-iron freighter. As far as pure instrumentation goes, it's violins and violas, played with textures of both sweet and sourness. However, there are also charming piano sonatas, dark metal reverberations and heavy simulations of thunder. And of course I should also mention the deep undulation of the sea and the subdued cacophany of bells made so infamous by the title. The songs which I have selected for my broadcast are both eerie and hypnotic, called forth from sirens trapped in murky green aquarium tanks. Yet the songs that I have not selected can be rather intense -- this is not a group which has founded their rep on their Ambience. It's a pick-and-choose sort of album, but the distinctness and charm of those chosen pieces are well worth the investment. You may be able to find this album in the Rock section of your larger music chains.
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