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The River Made No Sound
by   Pan American
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For a Running Dog
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Place Names
Raised Walk
St. Cloud
Right of Return
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The River Made No Sound
I've heard enough electronica to know that the base style of the Pan-American albums is Techno. I laugh when I write that, because there's the Techno that you hear on 10000-watt systems in concrete clubs... and then there's this amazing shit. Mr. Donne has clearly heard his share of the Basic Channel sound, and has expanded wonderfully upon it. A minimalistic thudding bassline is the core of the tracks, upon which is added a layer of lush and vibrant soundtrack. At times, he drenches your ears with thick constant reverberation; other times he leaves a lot of empty space lying around, ripe for impregnation by radiance and decaying particles. But at the core, it's always about the oscillation. I would go so far as to suggest that the most formative songs could serve as lullabys for fading tweakers. I hope there are plenty of copies out there, because there's a lot of club kids that could really use a good night's sleep.
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