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the River of Appearance
by   Vidna Obmana
the Angelic appearance
Ephemeral vision
Sample  (113K mpeg)
a Scenic fall
the Solitary circle
Weaving cluster
Streamers of stillness
Sample  (94K mpeg)
the Ominous dwelling
Sample  (113K mpeg)
the River of Appearance
A deliciously serene and gentle work. The primary instrumentation is piano -- always a favorite of mine -- which has been half-submerged in a forest creek. Or perhaps the primary instrumentation is crinkling water, bolstered and accentuated with solemn chordplay. And of course it's all swathed in a melancholy drone that fills the album with dreamy and luscious fog. Whichever way, the musical interplay is quite divine. Mr. Obmana has taken the care to patiently fade every track, so this beauty is also padded with long stretches of undulating silence. Though the tracks themselves are very self-similar, the operative theme doesn't diminish even with its significant repetition. A great listen. Projekt is very responsible in their pressings, so there should be lots of copies out there for peace-seeking consumers like yourself.
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