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Psychonavigation 2
by   Peter Namlook and Bill Laswell
Under Heaven
Blue Shift
Sample  (120K mpeg)
The Fate of Energy
Sample  (119K mpeg)
The Hell of the Same
Sample  (103K mpeg)
Psychonavigation 2
This one is a serious deviation from the first one, a lot more atmospheric and dark, but quite nice. I paid an arm and a leg for it, and it was sealed so I didn't know what it sounded like; I was hoping for some serious bass-work. However, it's dark & moody, with effects and other intersting stuff that mr.s Namlook and Laswell are so fond of these days. I particularly liked the Tesla-coil effect from the second track. There were plenty of copies to be had when I looked, so let's hope FAX is printing a whole mess of them.
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