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The Power and the Majesty: Volume II
by   The Power and The Majesty
Steam Locomotive No. 4449/Confederate Air Force
Steam Locomotive No. 2101
Steam Locomotives No. 614 and 2101
Steam Locomotive No. 4449
Sample  (91K mpeg)
Steam Locomotive No. 4449
Third Creek/Chimes of Lun/Steam Locomotive No. 2860/Frog Pond
Sample  (210K mpeg)
The Power and the Majesty:  Volume II
One word: Trains. Yep, it's them old steam trains again, being recorded. Yep. Okay, so it's a niche market and I'm short on adjectives, but what more can I say than "I liked it a lot, so it's here". A little snippet from the last track wiill reveal much more than I possibly can with my flimsy keyboard.
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