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Four Possible Landscapes
by   Steve Roden
Jellyfish So Like the Moon (Second Bench)
Sample  (76K mpeg)
Star Cluster (First Bench)
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Reflection. Refraction. (Third Bench)
Sample  (112K mpeg)
Four Possible Landscapes
I don't know it for a fact, but it's my impression that all of this artist's albums ultimately boil down to some field recording of some sort. So, at the lowest level (for the sake of example), we may have two pieces of plastic being rubbed together, or the sounds of a cooling radiator. Then, these little waveforms make their way into mr. Roden's computer, whereupon they are subjected to matrix upon matrix upon matrix. Through a series of transmogrifications, these mere earthly occurrances become cyberacoustic events. Far removed from their origin, these mutants can be blended, sequenced and intertwined with absolute peace and serenity. It's not music so much as a coallition of the unknowingly willing. I mean, under normal conditions, you can't get two pieces of rubber and a radiator in a room together without someone having to call the vet. Remarkable. Copies of his albums can come and they can go, so you may have to be attentive and deliberate in your pursuits.
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