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Symphonies of the Planets
by   Brain/Mind Research Laboratories
featuring:   NASA Voyager Probes
Disc 1
Sample  (114K mpeg)
Disc 2
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Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5
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Symphonies of the Planets
Mr. Inoue only wishes he could make music like this, try as he might. The Symphonies here are a 5-album set of discs from BM/R's Voyager Music series. According to the liner notes, the music on the discs is signals from the Voyager probes which fall within the human hearing range. The full BM/R series contains about 12 individual discs, each named according to the source of the signals (ie. Io, Miranda, Rings of Saturn, Neptune). The annoying thing about the boxed set is that the discs aren't named, just numbered. You just have to guess. Well, anyway, each is 30+ minutes, soothing and spacious (BM/R has a great surround-sound processing method), and sounds hauntingly... familiar. You can order the boxed set through LaserLight, but not through BM/R (they only sell them individually).
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