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P-Jays Unda-Pendent Hip-Hop Volume 1
by   Various Artists
United Kingdom :
United Kings
The Giant :
Hidden Crate
Sample  (147K mpeg)
12 Jewels :
Timbuktu :
Sample  (169K mpeg)
12 Jewels :
Crystalize (R.N.)
United Kingdom :
Destroy the Scenery
12 Jewels :
Da Game
The Giant :
Hold Mines
Sample  (85K mpeg)
United Kingdom :
United Kings (Remix)
P-Jays Unda-Pendent Hip-Hop Volume 1
Another compendium of tough'n'deadly tracks, compiled by our lovely host, DJ Greyboy, it's chock full of the round vital beats and deft lyrical flow that has enamored me so to Hip-Hop as of late. The second track stands heads & shoulders above the rest, for reasons that I can't adequately describe in a 15-second sample. It's the first major release on the label, and I couldn't find the damn thing on vinyl I cursed and cursed and then cursed some more... if you find it, please clue me in. In the meanwhile, this indelible optical copy will keep me pumped until sunrise.
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