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Death in the Light of the Phonograph
by   Paul D. Miller
The Sound of Science Fiction
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Zero Gravity Dub (Principia Schizophonica Mix)
Musique Psychotique
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Across the Morphic Fields
Machinic Phylum (Crippled Symmetries Mix)
Low Resolution
Ontological Inversion
In The Valley of the Shadows (DJ Spooky Takes a Walk in New York City Mix)
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Death in the Light of the Phonograph
A rather devious little jaunt into suspense and gratuitious tension. Primarily noise- and echo-driven, but intermeshed extremely well into an efficient portable mood generator. Modecum of beats, but only on the second track, all the rest is pops, scratches and hideous over-processing. Good album for infinite repeat... experienced somewhat like an endless viewing of Forbidden Planet, but without the eye strain. I think it was a limited pressing, but bother the heck out of Asphodel and they'll buckle down might buckle under.
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