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by   Jonathan Coleclough
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featuring:   Colin Potter
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It's the art of the sparse piano sonata. Now, this is an art that the great mr. Eno has been practicing for quite some time. However, whereas his works were always content to close their notes and quickly proceed to new ones, mr. Coleclough has chosen to make his notes stretch on indefinitely. Though the first track's 50+ minutes are replete with great spaces of inactivity, there's always the echo of a previous chord hovering and flowing at the base of your ears. Eventually there will be a new chord, but that may take seconds to arrive, or maybe up to a minute, as artist wills it. For being as vaccuous as it is, it holds your attention. On the second track, mr. Potter takes a single note (never struck) and machines it around into a steely woolen blanket. The initial limited release of the album had a second disc with more variations on the theme, and I can only begin to imagine what they were like! The double-pak is long gone, but I think the single disc version that I have can still be obtained.
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