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A Peripheral Blur
by   James Plotkin and Mark Spybey
Jute Wheel.
Sample  (96K mpeg)
Aluminum as a Medium.
Sample  (126K mpeg)
A Peripheral Blur.
Vord Lae.
Sample  (91K mpeg)
Northern Sleight.
A Peripheral Blur
Every once in a while, i find an album with the absolutely nastiest hooks. Long bridges, tonal sequences, something... something that just gets stuck, lodged in your head, humming to itself long after the record stops. Several songs on this album fit that bill exactly -- amidst their wind and haunting calls, they prostate themselves upon hypnotic librettos that cycle and deviate and cycle again. Overall, the music is notably dark, but with a comfortable theatric distance. Absolutely captivating... when i play the album, i hear it all coming in advance and just fall back into deep alpha patterns. I would hope that Kranky hasn't run out of these little gems yet, but i'd get on your horse quickly just to be sure.
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