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Peach Head
by   Natural Calamity
Dark Water & Stars
As You Know (Dust Brothers Remix)
So Good
Sample  (109K mpeg)
Sample  (148K mpeg)
And That's Saying a Lot
That's the Way Love Goes
Sample  (175K mpeg)
As You Know (anything could happen)
In the Wee Wee Time (Original Version
And That's Saying a Lot (Nat.Cal. Alt. Remix)
Peach Head
EEG alerted me to the presence of this album; he'd heard it being played at the shop and couldn't leave without it. Grabbed myself a copy, and was delighted to find that our old friend mr. Kudo had added some guest Electronics to the project. It's very pleasant and laid-back Japanese Lounge-Pop -- i'm certain there must be a shorter name for this style, but i have no clue what it is. Their music is predominately carved from a very simple beatbox, 70's tones and sweet guitar grooves. Most of the tracks have female vocals, but the instrumentals are the mind-blowing ones. A must-have for summer afternoons out at the beach. This album got pretty good coverage from what i recall, so copies shouldn't be too hard to find.
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