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Scientist Encounters Pacman
by   Scientist
Under Surveillance
Princes' Wrath
Sample  (109K mpeg)
Space Invaders Re-Group
World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds
Vampire Initiative
Malicious Intent
The Dark Secret of the Box
Sample  (136K mpeg)
Look Out - Behind You!
Sample  (101K mpeg)
Scientist Encounters Pacman
Things were winding down at the after-hours one night, so EEG whipped out his green promo copy of this album. I don't know exactly what struck me so powerfully, but I was sucked right in (and mellowed right out). Traditional old-school Dub/Roots by one of the masters, with just such a heady sound that it's soooo tough to lift that dutch (for the fifth time). The tone is best described by the samples themselves, lotsa sway and dig. I'm very amused by the sequel-like nature of this recording, having followed such other Scientist adventures as meeting the Space Invaders and winning the World Cup. That, and the comic-book cover. Whee! ...anyway, anyway... Excellent album if you can find a copy, and Ernie B's is the best resource for that!
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